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What's ZoteroExport?

You will like to ZoteroExport project if you use the Zotero Firefox extension, and sometimes you would like to export your attachments (e.g. pdf files) into your usb stick or filesystem.

A more specific usage is to export it to your e-book reader. The ZoteroExport extension will help you in this job by:

  1. Adding a simple "export this file" option to Zotero's menus (expect: version 1.0)
  2. Adding various export formats, like the file storage of iRex' iLiad reader
  3. Adding the possibility of exporting many items by tags, libraries into a new directory

Current state

Simple exporting works, but have a look at the bugs page for more information

The zoteroexport project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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